Thursday, April 16, 2009

ONELESSCAR #0024 (04.16.09)

Tour De Stache!

Join us for our first ride on April 26th!

The ride starts at the Civic Center Park in Palm Desert, (73510 Fred Waring Dr)
We will meet up at the stage area at 5:30. we ride at 6:00!

A simple ride with short stops, so everyone can keep up.
All bikes and cyclists welcome, all you have to do is bring your stache !


sky said...

Myself and a couple of guys will be in attendance.

Good to know this stuff is getting organized in the desert.

Erik said...

Do people ride fixed in the desert?

sky said...

A friend and I ride geared. My room mate has a geared and a fixie. I'm not sure what's around the desert, just glad to see something with pedals and a chain get a group thing.

Friend and I will probably build fixies as running projects.

Fivethousand Photography said...

theres a few fixed riders (me included) in the desert. i know a few people building fixed gear bikes before the ride.

Erik said...

That's cool. I grew up in the desert and never saw a fixie besides mine and then I left for Flagstaff, AZ where oddly enough it's a big scene. I'll be back in the desert this June, you think we could get an alleycat or roller race going on in the dead of summer?