Tuesday, December 16, 2008

November Fifteenth, Two Thousand & Eight

Otherwise known as my birthday party.

Halloween Swim Team, Meho Plaza & No Paws (No Lions), got in their cars and drove out here from LA & Riverside a bit skeptical, not knowing what to expect of our little shindig we invited them to perform at. Everything went off perfectly, people actually showed up and everybody had a blast! It made me really happy to see everyone in such a great mood and welcoming to the out of towners.

If you missed out then I am very sorry for you, I was an extrovert for the night (or completely drunk! It was definitely a rare sight). Someone brought a huge pizza which didn't have a chance!

Photos by Enrique Solis (if you cut & paste any of these photos please give credit!)


Mary said...

So many good pictures; I mean there's the usuals (David obviously wasted and playing tambourine) but he actually caught one of Mike D smoking hahaha! I also really liked the ones of Meho Plaza

mary dub. said...

p.s. where the fuck was i when that big pizza arrived???