Monday, November 3, 2008

Zach Hill @ Angelos Pizza, Pomona (11.02.08)

The show changed locations, problems at the door, the pizza was kinda gross and it smelled like punk/metal dudeness, but he was completely incredible!

I can't wait till he plays with Subtle (at the Casbah in San Diego - 11.30.08).

(I've never seen anyone leave a puddle of sweat after drumming)


Anonymous said...

At 88BoaDrum, there was steam coming off of his whole body.

Anonymous said...

I need to see him. I'd die if i didnt seem him in this tour.

daniel said...

i'm also a friend of 5000 photography on myspace, but i hadn't seen the majority of your shots.
you've taken a couple of my favorite shots of zach, to date, and that's saying a lot!
i own everything, literally everything, that he's released, and to see him portrayed so honestly is such a compliment.
thank you, and thank you.